Who We Are

MAGNA actors work on award-winning films

If you are a professional or aspiring actor and are agency hunting, here is a summary of who we are and what we do!

What We Do

MAGNA is a talent agency representing union and non-union actors seeking work in film, television, voiceover, print and much more since 1996.We work to provide talent for casting agencies and clients throughout the state of Oklahoma, the region, and the country. MAGNA does not sell any classes, programs, or services. 

How We Operate

We do require that all talent seeking representation with MAGNA have or obtain professional headshots, as well as some level of on-camera acting experience or education. We do not charge any sign-up or administration fees, nor do we require anyone to take classes, workshops, seminars, etc. in order to qualify for auditions or jobs through MAGNA. If talent is new to on-camera acting, they will need to take workshops or classes in auditioning for the camera and commercial acting in order to learn how to work with a camera before being represented by MAGNA. We always encourage continual learning, and will be happy to share with our recommended list of valuable resources. 

Working With MAGNA

Josh Bonzie on set of the Posthuman ProjectBookings through MAGNA are performed on a contract labor basis only. Whenever we call talent for a role or an audition, they are free to accept or decline as they wish with no repercussion. When talent does accept a job, it is a verbal contract to perform that particular job with stated terms and conditions. We expect our actors to honor this verbal contract by being on time, prepared, cooperative and professional for the duration of the job as a representative of MAGNA TALENT AGENCY. When auditioning or reporting for any jobs that we have called you for, actors are required to sign in with MAGNA as your agent. MAGNA handles financial paperwork on behalf of the actor on most bookings, aside from union projects. Upon completion of a job, MAGNA will take care of all client billing for any services we have procured on behalf of our talent, and will be responsible for payment to actors within 7 business days of receiving the client payment at our office. Please be advised that payment for all jobs may take anywhere from 30 to 90+ days to receive. We don’t get paid until our actors get paid! Based on the job, we charge a 10-15% commission from the agreed upon rate.  Please also realize that at no time is MAGNA TALENT AGENCY your employer, nor will we be responsible for any damages, losses, or injuries suffered during the performance of any contract. However, if you do have any problems during a job, we request that you call us immediately, so that we may come to your aid in resolving the issue. 

Our Promise

MAGNA is invested in our actors and promise to always conduct business honestly and fairly. This has been our foundation and our reputation since our start. In doing business together, we hope to form lasting, productive relationships dedicated to showing the world how much talent Oklahoma has in its own backyard! 

If you think that we're the agency for you, and you feel you are ready for an agent, contact us right away!