The History of MAGNA

MAGNA Talent Agency has been representing local union and non-union talent since 1996!

Child actors Aedan Gibbons and Cameron Courvelle

MAGNA was formed out of MadLust Productions Inc., named for partners Margie Madden & Peggy Luster, who had been doing business in Oklahoma since January 1991. They began with the WHODUNIT DINING ROOM in Oklahoma City. The talent division of MadLust Productions has been in operation since August 1996 and has been growing ever since. Feeling that it was ready for its own identity, the agency was given the name MAGNA TALENT in April 1999.

Michelle Swink began working at the MAGNA office in 2012 and rose to the rank of Office Manager. At the start of 2015, Margie retired and Michelle became the new owner of MAGNA Talent Agency. Excited for the challenge and opportunity, the agency has been implementing some positive and exciting changes while maintaining the values and integrity that the company was founded upon.

MAGNA ladies on set during a commercial shootOver the years, more than 1000 current and former MAGNA actors have worked on countless feature films, independent films, national and local TV commercials, industrial videos, print jobs, voice over projects, live appearances, and much more!

We have worked very hard to achieve a reputation for doing business honestly and fairly at all times. We give you our promise that we will always work with you on that basis and we hope that you will treat us likewise. 


Catch MAGNA actors “killing it” at the WHODUNIT DINNER THEATRE in Oklahoma City.
For more info, check out www.whodunit.net