Are You Ready for an Agent?

Questions to ask yourself:

Do you have on-camera or voice work experience?

If not, you will need to take some on-camera or audio workshops or classes to learn how to audition and work with a camera. Or, for voice work, how to work in the audio field. MAGNA only represents talent who have been professionally trained or have extensive experience.

Have you taken any on-camera acting or voice work classes or workshops?

If not, see our list of RESOURCES for some local listings that we can recommend. There are many excellent, reasonably priced 1 & 2 day workshops and weekly classes in the Oklahoma City area. It is not necessary to enroll in long-term expensive programs.

For on-camera work, do you have current professional quality headshots?

See our TALENT page for examples. A good headshot is an absolute must to get on-camera work in this market and is NOT optional. Headshots should be professional quality color photos. Printed 8 x 10s, preferably on card stock or photo paper, will often be required for auditions. See our RESOURCES page for some local listings that we can recommend and watch the EVENTS & WORKSHOPS page for notices of upcoming visiting headshot photographers, or call a local photographer who is experienced in commercial headshots. Talent headshots, professional voice demos, and video demo reels are included on our website.

For voice work, do you have a professional audio demo?

Your audio demo should be no longer than approximately 1 minute and in a digital format. Demos should consist of, first, your spoken name (i.e. Donald Duck, Jessica Rabbit), then several (5-10 seconds each) edited lead-ins from actual spots, or manufactured pieces with musical beds, and/or imagings, narratives, etc. demonstrating your different voice stylings and pacings (i.e. soft sell, hard sell, testimonial, narrative, etc). Please listen to some of the demos on our TALENT page for examples. If you also perform different dialects or character voices, please prepare a separate demo (approx same length) with those. See our list of RESOURCES for some local recommendations for VO demos.

Do you have a current resume?

If not, see our SAMPLE RESUME FORMAT for a guideline on how to create a good commercial acting resume. And keep them current! Update resumes when you complete a new project, and put a date at the bottom.

Is your schedule flexible?

Auditions and acting projects occur at all different times, both days & evenings, seven days a week. To successfully try to work in this market means you'll need to be available when auditions and casting calls come.

Have you done your agency homework before signing?

Different agencies offer different services. Before you sign, take time to find out exactly what they have to offer and if there are any costs. Please remember that if an agency asks you for any money up front (such as for classes, website services, photo shoots, etc), that their main focus is selling you their products. They are making money without finding you work, so, finding you auditions and bookings probably isn't going to be their priority.

Are you ready to try film or commercial acting in a professional manner?

A good actor or model must be dependable, professional, cooperative, directable, prompt, courteous, reliable, well-prepared, well groomed, well mannered, and have reliable transportation.

If you answered YES across the board, YOU'RE READY!

Please fill out the New Talent Application below. Upload your professional headshots and list all on-camera training and experience with your New Talent Application. If you meet the above qualifications, and we feel we might be able to find opportunities for you, we will be in touch within a few weeks to schedule an interview appointment.

Please note that we are not currently accepting applications from talent who reside outside of Oklahoma.

NO PHONE CALLS regarding representation.

New Talent Application