Audition Tips

MAGNA's Audition Tips

clockArrive at the audition 10 - 15 minutes early. Act like the professional you are right from the time of arrival. (the audition begins when you pull in the parking lot)

signatureBe sure to sign in immediately and list all personal and agency information accurately. (being accessible can be as important as being talented)

twoAlways bring TWO (2) CURRENT headshots and resumes.(without a headshot for the client, you’ll quickly become unmemorable once your audition is completed)

actorWhile waiting, familiarize yourself with the copy. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the part. (Don’t wear white, black, orange, reds, small prints, or stripes on top for on-camera auditions)

shhKeep conversation in the waiting area to a minimum. Remain focused on your upcoming audition and be respectful of others waiting to audition.

be awareBe aware of who is scheduled ahead of you. Be "ON DECK" as they finish their audition. ( your time saving efforts show casting directors/and or clients your professional competence.)

relaxAs soon as you enter the audition room, introduce yourself and present your headshots and resumes. (being friendly and relaxed assures everyone you are easy to work with. Even if you’re nervous, ACT like you’re not).

slate iconWhile the Casting Director fills out the slate, take the mark and begin rehearsing the copy.

smileHold the slate board or paper chest high and deliver the slate information straight to the camera. Be yourself, have fun and SMILE

slateWhen the Casting Director says "ACTION!", deliver the COPY or SIDES to the best of your ability. If you blow a line, keep going.- (Do not ask for do overs. Do not SWEAR after a mistake. These are dead giveaways of inexperience.)

earBe flexible enough in your interpretation to deliver a second TAKE in a different style. Hold your expression and position when you are finished until you hear the Casting Director say "CUT!" (Be sure to listen carefully if the Casting Director makes suggestions during your audition and follow the directions exactly.)

thanksPolitely thank the Casting Director and/or Client and exit quickly. Never attempt to stay and chit chat. Remember the audition is on a schedule. (Asking "How did I do?" portrays lack of confidence. Wasting casting agents or clients time trying to make yourself remembered will probably make them remember you in an unfavorable light.)

mental healthCheck the bulletin board for any pertinent notices, sign out and quietly leave. (On your way home from the audition, analyze your audition while its fresh in your mind. Make mental notes of areas that need improvement so you can work on them before your next audition.)

telescopeExpect to hear within a few days if you’ve been cast or called back. Due to time constraints, actors are NOT called if they did not book the job. If you don’t hear anything, chalk it up to experience and focus on the next one coming up. NEVER, EVER call the Casting Agency or Client to inquire about the audition results (the fact you weren’t cast doesn’t necessarily mean you didn't give a good audition. You also have to be what a particular client is looking for for that particular spot.)

no moneyNEVER! NEVER! NEVER! discuss rates or project details while at an audition.

running lateIf circumstances absolutely prevent you from going to a scheduled audition, ALWAYS call your TALENT AGENT in advance and let them know so they can advise the Casting Agency and/or fill in your spot with another actor.

From the time you arrive, until the time you are in your car at the first stoplight, WATCH YOUR MOUTH! Watch what you say, and who you say it about, ‘cos you can bet it’ll get back to somebody!